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The recipe of love must always include
Some herbs and spices for fortitude;
A tablespoon of forgiveness -
A clove of loyalty -
A cup of faith -
And a sprig of honesty;
A pinch of patience -
A teaspoon of trust -
A cup of friendship -
And a bit of lust;
Mix all these herbs and spices well -
No other recipe could ever excel;
Add (Bride's Name) and (Groom's Name) for proper effect;
Then saute the whole in two cups of respect.

Love can last forever, if you want it to...

Love is the strongest and most fulfilled emotion possible. It lets you share your goals, your desires, your experience. ft lets yon share your life with someone. It lets you be yourself with someone who will always support you. It lets you speak your innermost feelings to someone who understands you. It lets you feel tenderness and warmth - wholeness that avoids loneliness. Love lets you feel complete.

But in order to have a lasting love relationship, you must make a strong commitment to each other and love, and you must do and feel everything within your mind and body to make this commitment work.

You must be happy with yourself and you must understand yourself before you can expect someone else to be happy with you or to understand you. You must be honest about yourself and each other at all times, and not hold any feelings back. You must accept each other the way you are and not try to change each other. You must be free to grow as individuals yet share your life as one, but not live your life through each other. You must follow your own principles and morals and not follow what societal roles tell you to do. You must follow the philosophy that men and women are equal and not treat either person with inferiority in any way...

In order to have a lasting love relationship you must be together always in your heart, but not necessarily always in your activities. You must be proud of each other and love and not be ashamed to show your sensitive feelings. You must treat every day spent with each other as special and not take each other or your love for granted. You must spend time talking with each other everyday and not be too busy with outside events that you are too tired for each other. You must understand each other's moods and feelings and not hurt each other intentionally; but if your frustrations are taken out on each other, you must both realize that it is not a personal attack. You must be passionate with each other often and not get into boring patterns. You must continue to have fun and excitement with each other and not be afraid to try new things. You must always work at love and your love relationship and not forget how important this relationship is or what you would feel like without it.

Love is the strongest and most fulfilling emotion possible. If you commit yourself to love, love can last forever if you want it to, and I do.

Something Wonderful

It's the start of something wonderful
The chance to start anew
A brand new life lies waiting
That's tailor made for two
It's a beautiful beginning full of romance and delight
As you start each day with kisses
Share embraces through the night
There is so much to discover
So much fun you've yet to share
Lots of really great adventures
And many new ways to show you care
There's a future full of happiness
And more magic for you too
And it all begins to happen with those magic words "I Do".

Two birds begin a journey long,
From different points in far off lands;
With a luring urge - in heart a song,
Two novices heed life's commands.

As they make their great migration,
Their feeble feet turn to taloned hands;
And the two reach their destination
As seasoned travelers in the northern lands.

Still unaware that the other lives,
Each alights upon the very same tree;
And there the two, as if guided by God,
Fall madly in love and marry.

Thus so it is with (Bride and Groom);
Two birds which Heaven's winds did blow
To this blessed rendezvous of life,
Like the two birds at Capistrano.


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